AMCS provides essential assistance, services, and hands-on workshops for those in needed of help or vulnerable individuals and families in our community. You can help us by supporting through your tax deductible donation.

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Vision, Mission, & Values

Our Vision

To be the best Muslim social service organization serving the people of Virginia by strengthening individuals and families, protecting families from abuse and neglect, promoting healthier and more successful lives, and bringing joy, security and stability.

Our Mission

Based upon long tradition of our Islamic values...

The Mission of American Muslim Community Services is to preserve the well-being and empowerment of individuals and families, regardless of faith, race and color, to help them effectively meet the challenges and changes through life by providing help, assistance, advice, consulting services and training.

Our Values

We deliver our services and training to every individual, caring high value for human life based on the Islamic principles:

  • He who saves one life saves the entire humanity
  • The obligation to remove violence against individuals and families for a better world
  • Social justice is commanded by God to help those in need
  • Acts of loving and kindness towards all people regardless of faith, race, or color
  • All human beings are created equal with potential to succeed through empowerment