last will and testament

Last Will and Testament

This is a hands-on workshop

  • Introduction to Wills (types of Wills: Last Will, Living Trust and Living Will)
  • What will happen if you do not have a Will?
  • What are differences between Islamic Will and American Will?
  • Parts of a Will
  • Check-lists for determination of eligible heirs, preparation assets, calculation of fixed shares
  • Template for writing a Will
  • Muslim rules of Inheritance- Quran and Hadith Sources
  • What is state of Virginia requirements?
  • How to amend, revoke,
  • What happens to your Will if you move to another state?


*Group size must be at least 10 (in some workshops, minimum 15) Each participant will get written take home material used in the workshop.

There is a no charge except $75 per person to cover the cost of lunch, refreshments and a binder containing workshop material.


Requirements: The sponsoring organization or groups must provide: Meeting room equipped with LCD projector, laser pointer, flip Charts, white board with dry color markers, and name tags.