Who We Are

Muslim religious organizations are providing essential religious services such as Eid prayers, daily and Friday, traweeh during Ramadan, interfaith program, funeral service/cemetery, collection/distribution of Zakat and charity, Sunday schools for children, youth classes, and Qur’an/Hadith study sessions for sisters. These religious services are conducted mostly by non-paid, part time, volunteers from the Muslim community.

Mission of AMCS is initiating mainly non-religious services as a means to fill in the gap in providing community services not offered by religious organizations. These services include: marriage conflicts resolution, domestic violence prevention, federal and state health care programs (Medicare and Medicaid), preparation of will and last testament, immigration and naturalization assistance, explanation of social security benefits, limited help in legal and tax filing for seniors and notary service.

Hands-on Workshops offered by AMCS include conducting effective meetings, brainstorming sessions, conflict management, time management, winning resume writing, interviewing techniques, leadership, and training in outreach programs.

Through a dedicated chain of advisors and experienced facilitators, AMCS delivers assistance, help, advice, and consulting to all. Please join in AMCS in welcoming the services that were felt needed for a long time. Your contributions, no matter how small, are the backbone in continuing these essential services.